Smashing Pumpkins: More Mess, Less Stress (Photo Gallery)

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A student smashing a pumpkin with a baseball bat in McKinnon plaza. The pumpkin has the words "smash the stigma written on it."
Counseling and Psychological Services helped students relieve stress with a pumpkin smashing event in McKinnon Plaza.

Counseling and Psychology Services helped students blow off some steam during the spooky mid-term season with a positively smashing event, Oct. 25, in McKinnon Plaza. Students were invited to write their stressors on a pumpkin and then take a (baseball) bat to them! Outside of the splash zone, CAPS shared additional resources regarding stress awareness and healthy stress relief strategies.

  • A student smashing a pumpkin

Logan McGrady is the marketing & digital communication manager for the Office of Marketing and Communication.