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Learn more about bachelor's degree completion programs and how UM-Flint can help you complete college with Accelerated Online Degree Completion.

What Is a Degree Completion Program?

Do you know that 40% of undergraduate college students drop out without finishing their degrees?  

When it comes to earning a bachelor's degree, most people think of the traditional route of going to a four-year college right after high school. However, this conventional pathway might not work for everyone. Maybe you didn't finish your bachelor's degree when you first started your undergraduate career because of financial pressure or other personal reasons.

But after a few years, you might have realized that you wanted to return to college and complete what you had started. That's what a degree completion program is built for. 

A degree completion program is an academic program tailored for students who have some college experience but haven't completed their bachelor's degrees. It aims to help you resume your undergraduate study and achieve your academic goals with generous credit transfer opportunities.

The Advantages of Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Bachelor's degree completion programs may offer various advantages depending on the institution. Some most common benefits include:

  • Credit transfer

A degree completion program allows you to transfer your previous college credit and apply to the degree program. Depending on the specific program and college, you may be able to transfer up to 90 credits.

  • Lower cost

Compared to the traditional four-year pathway, a degree completion program is usually more economical. Since you don't have to start your college courses from scratch, you only need to pay for the credits that you have left to achieve your degree.

  • Flexible course schedule

Considering that you may need to maintain your daytime job while going to school, many degree completion programs are designed to be entirely online or offer courses in the evenings or weekends to accommodate your need.

  • Accelerated pace

Some bachelor's degree completion programs offer courses in an accelerated format, which can help you progress faster. That means you can finish courses in a lesser amount of time compared to the traditional semester setting.

Is a Degree Completion Program Right for You?

Does a degree completion program sound intriguing? You might still wonder if it is the right choice for you. Typically, a bachelor's degree completion program is a viable option if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Some College, No Degree: Started your bachelor's degree but didn't finish.
  • Community College Students: Already earned an associate degree but want to pursue a higher degree.
  • Adult Learners: You didn't go to college, but you have work experience and professional certifications that may be able to translate into qualified college credits.
  • Veterans or Service Members: You can convert military training and examinations to college credits.

The University of Michigan-Flint's Accelerated Online Degree Completion program not only accepts your previously earned college credits but also grants you credits for your professional and military training and other out-of-classroom learning experiences. Learn more about the AODC program

You Are Ready to Embrace Challenges

Are you a self-motivated, hardworking student? If so, you have great potential to excel in a degree completion program. Even though, as mentioned above, a degree completion program with flexible schedules or online delivery formats can make it more manageable, it is still true that earning a degree requires serious commitment. Especially if you are working full time while going to school, it's a challenge to maintain your work and allocate time to finish your coursework.

Therefore, if you decide to enroll in a degree completion program, it's important to keep your eye on your goal of achieving the degree you want and be persistent along the way.

You Are Up for Career Advancement

A degree completion program is meant for the go-getters. Ready to elevate your career to the next level? If getting a promotion, changing your job or breaking into a new industry is your ambition, enrolling in a degree completion program can give you a unique competitive advantage.

Empowering you with new skills and a degree respected by employers, a degree completion program helps you open the door to a wider range of job options with increased salary potential.

Major Options Available in a Degree Completion Program

The specific major and degree options available in a degree completion program vary from one university to another. A Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is a popular option as it allows greater flexibility in designing your curriculum based on your career and academic interests. Some universities might also provide majors such as business and liberal arts.

The University of Michigan-Flint's AODC program offers a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree with three certification options to hone your expertise in such in-demand areas as cybersecurity fundamentals, data analytics & interpretation, and digital communication.

Pursue the Success You Deserve — Complete Your Bachelor's Degree!

A bachelor's degree completion program is created for ambitious adult learners like you to continue your path to achieving a bachelor's degree. If you are ready to learn more, explore UM-Flint's Accelerated Online Degree Completion program or contact us today!

Logan McGrady is the marketing & digital communication manager for the Office of Marketing and Communication.