5 resources that took my UM-Flint experience to the next level

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Katelyn Stuck sits by the University of Michigan-Flint sign near French Hall.

As a recent UM-Flint graduate, I have been immersed in the campus community by becoming involved in student organizations, jobs, and volunteering. Outside of UM-Flint's competitive degree programs and scholarships that you may have already heard about, I'm here to tell you about five resources that you should definitely take advantage of when you enroll.

Outdoor shot of Thompson Library

Online Library Resources

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just my real life superhero: the online library resources. We all know the feeling of trying to finish that huge research paper (that might've been put off to the last minute). One time, I was struggling to find good sources for a paper I was writing. That's when I sent over a chat to a friendly UM-Flint librarian who directed me to specific resources online, free to me off-campus. Seriously, the Thompson Library can save the day.

Open book, coffee, muffin, and flower centerpiece at Cafe Rhema table

Downtown Scene

While UM-Flint offers a lot of good study spots, I have also enjoyed exploring some fun locations in downtown Flint, which is right in the heart of campus. You can take a simple walk and enter Instagrammable restaurants, stores, performing arts venues, and museums. One of my favorite memories was meeting up at Cafe Rhema to work on a group project for my Advanced Advertising class. We sat in the vintage atmosphere, sipped coffee, and brainstormed. Trust me: the aesthetic of these locations is unmatched.

Skywalk leading to French Hall building


UM-Flint's skywalks, otherwise known to some students as the "gerbil tunnels," were a staple for my college experience. When you have to walk from building to building for classes, you're bound to have at least one rainy day. The skywalks at UM-Flint let you in on a 360 degree (and dry!) view of rainfalls. I enjoy walking through them even on sunny days for a higher-up perspective of our beautiful campus.

Two UM-Flint students stand at a table and talk to CAPS counselors.

Mental Health Support

Okay, it's time to get ~vulnerable~. Like a lot of people, I had some mental health struggles when COVID-19 hit. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. However, I was able to take advantage of FREE resources at UM-Flint that helped me get on track again. Did I mention it's free? I think that the easily accessible mental health resources from UM-Flint show how student well-being is the priority here. I recommend CAPS to any student who needs it.

Entrepreneurship Competitions

Admittedly, I'm not a business major, nor do I know much about businesses. However, leave it to UM-Flint to make this Communications major feel like an entrepreneurial girlboss. The interdisciplinary entrepreneurship competitions at UM-Flint are a great way to receive individualized feedback from experts and even receive a cash prize to make your dream a reality. I entered my idea into the UMake the Change Student Innovation Competition and Zillion Solutions without knowing much about entrepreneurship at all. I left with a better understanding and resources about the topic! These are fun competitions to take advantage of if you have a big idea or solution to a problem.

That's only scratching the surface. Start your application to UM-Flint to take advantage of resources that made a difference in my life, and are sure to help you, too!

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