UM-Flint Announces Maize and Blue Award Recipients

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2015 UM-Flint Commencement ceremony.
2015 UM-Flint Commencement ceremony.

The Scholarships, Awards and Special Events Committee and Provost Douglas Knerr announced the recipients of the Maize and Blue Distinguished Scholar Award, the highest academic award bestowed upon the graduates of the University of Michigan-Flint. All recipients have achieved high honors.

These awards will be presented at UM-Flint's winter commencement ceremony on December 20, 2015.

Joshua D. Ahlborn

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Jenifer Dalleska

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Lindsay N. Figgins

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting

Paul A. Fulkerson

Bachelor of Arts – English-Writing Specialization and Economics (Double Major)

Lauren D. Guerra

Bachelor of Science – Health Care Administration

Lauren A. Hilgendorf

Bachelor of Science – Health Sciences

Nathan S. Holbeck

Bachelor of Science – Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Arts – Physics (Double Degree)

Taylor E. Mata

Bachelor of Arts – English

Fatima Rafiq

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Niveen M. Rishmawi

Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education

Kacie Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ann M. Waite

Bachelor of Social Work

Dawn M. Watters

Bachelor of Science – Applied Psychology


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