UM-Flint Volunteers will Help with Emergency Response

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UM-Flint Emergency Response Volunteers Training in Their Bright Yellow/Green Vests

While the University of Michigan-Flint campus is well prepared to handle most emergencies, there is now some additional help for those departments charged with responding to such events.

Nearly 40 faculty and staff volunteers spread throughout the campus will serve as Emergency Coordinators who will assist Public Safety, Facilities & Operations, and Environment Health and Safety (EHS) with emergency response activities. One of their major functions will be to assist in safely sheltering and evacuating occupants during emergencies. The coordinators have all been made familiar with the Emergency Response Plan, building operations, and during last year's emergency exercises, they were instructed in procedures for evacuation, especially how to assist individuals with functional needs. Their training is held twice a year, before the spring and fall drills.

"The commitment of these individuals demonstrates the ongoing effort to promote and sustain our campus culture of preparedness," said Mike Lane, EHS director.

During an emergency, the Emergency Coordinators can be recognized by their bright yellow vests directing students, faculty, and staff to safety.

There is a need for additional Emergency Coordinator volunteers. If you are interested in serving the campus, you can get additional information from Environment, Health & Safety Department at 810-756-6763.

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