UM-Flint Again Ranks High in Student Satisfaction

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Student satisfaction at UM-Flint is higher than the national average according to the recently released findings of a survey administered near the start of the 2011-12 school year.

Over 1,400 students participated in the fall 2011 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI). When compared to 2008 results, student satisfaction has increased on 60% of the items, suggesting continuing and significant improvements in the quality of the educational services being provided. UM-Flint students placed a high level of importance on the quality of faculty, the content of courses within their major, campus safety, and academic advising.

"The SSI is a 'report card' of sorts," said Mary Jo Sekelsky, vice chancellor for Student Affairs. "Students tell us what is important to them, and how well the university is doing in addressing their needs."

UM-Flint students report significantly high satisfaction levels for the quality and availability of faculty, commitment to excellence of academic instruction, the reputation of the University of Michigan-Flint, the well maintained campus, ability to experience intellectual growth, computer labs, advising, and the library.

The SSI also indicates items students are least satisfied with. The greatest dissatisfaction was expressed for the item "The amount of student parking space on campus is adequate" although the mean group response of 4.43 is still significantly above the national average.

Sekelsky pointed out that…"The SSI is one tool the campus uses to determine where improvements need to be made. With students expressing high levels of satisfaction, we are in a better position to seek ways to raise the bar even higher."

Between 2008 and the most recent survey, overall satisfaction increased to 5.49 compared to 5.43. Student satisfaction at the University of Michigan-Flint has been significantly higher than the national average for four-year public institutions since 1999.

The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory has been conducted on the UM-Flint campus every three years since 1996.

Asked if there was an item on the inventory she was most proud of Sekelsky replied, "I am impressed by the fact UM-Flint students have consistently told us "if they had to do it over, they would enroll at UM-Flint again."

A complete summary of the SSI Survey can be viewed online at:

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