UM-Flint School of Management introduces Master of Supply Chain Management

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A woman with a clipboard looking at pallets in a warehouse.
The University of Michigan-Flint has introduced a new graduate program in Supply Chain Management.

The University of Michigan-Flint has introduced a new graduate program in the School of Management. The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is designed to make students skilled decision-makers in the field of U.S. manufacturing. 

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent across much of the country that the supply chain of goods and services was in need of reform. Shortages and difficulty in transport have impacted the flow of supplies from coast to coast. For this reason, many U.S.-based corporations are seeking innovations in their supply chain infrastructure. 

"Today, supply chains compete with other supply chains, and companies that develop superior supply chains win," said Usman Ahmed, associate professor of operations management. As one of the primary directors of the program, Ahmed has keen insight into the changes rapidly occurring in the field.  "An MS in supply chain management can propel a career forward by enabling people to improve supply chains and help businesses thrive in changing conditions," he said. 

Experts agree – both throughout the industry and at the university – that the need to adapt is ubiquitous in supply chain management. "Companies are seriously considering nearshoring and reshoring strategies to reduce supply chain risk and to take advantage of government support to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.," said Yener Kandogan, SOM interim dean. "Graduates of this program will be well equipped with knowledge and toolset the companies are looking for to reduce transportation costs and deliver their products faster to their customers." 

With new innovations in the field of logistics, the MS in Supply Chain Management can open many doors for students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a master's in supply chain management, are qualified for careers that are expected to see higher-than-average growth during the next few years. This includes high-income professions such as purchasing managers, buyer planners and materials managers. 

"Service industries are witnessing a surge in digital transformation and e-commerce," said Azadeh Sadeghi, assistant professor of operations management. "Our MS in Supply Chain Management provides students with expertise in procurement, logistics and analytics in dominant industrial sectors such as manufacturing and health care."  

The MS in Supply Chain Management curriculum consists of 30 credit hours consisting of both core and elective classes. Students will finish the program with a capstone project simulating the development of a supply chain process. This will include all steps of the process, including procurement, quality control and logistics. Students with a business degree or a similar degree may waive a maximum of 9 credit hours should they have taken two relevant courses in their undergraduate studies. 

Curriculum in the program is focused on teamwork with experiential project-based learning. Students are encouraged to engage in research opportunities presented to them throughout the course of their studies and are given the chance to enact classroom strategies in the real world. All courses are available online asynchronously, with once-a-month optional meetings that may be attended online or in person. This design is purposeful in order to allow students the maximum amount of flexibility. 

"A balance between efficiency and flexibility is the key to success in any dynamic environment," said Duc Vu, assistant professor of management. "This is also the key feature of our Master of Science in Supply Chain Management at UM-Flint. The program allows students to gain a deep understanding to adapt and manage every stage of supply chain management through our comprehensive curriculum while enjoying flexible schedules and pathways that fit their own needs."

More information about the MS in Supply Chain Management can be found on the program's webpage.  Questions about the program can be directed to [email protected]

Rowan Borninski is the recruiting and marketing specialist for the Office of Graduate Programs. She can be reached at [email protected].