Giving Blueday 2024: Reasons to support UM-Flint's Nursing Student Emergency and Opportunity Funds

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Four nursing students smiling around a hospital bed with a young child in it.
This Giving Blueday, School of Nursing donors are invited to support two crucial funds: The Nursing Student Emergency Fund and The Nursing Student Opportunity Fund.

As online degree programs gain prevalence, students from a variety of life circumstances are finding new opportunities to advance their education and career pathways. Thanks to a diverse range of online and accelerated programs, along with holistic student support, the University of Michigan-Flint School of Nursing offers transformative opportunities to learners who let nothing stand in their way of becoming the next generation of nursing leaders.  

This Giving Blueday, SON donors are invited to support two funds: The Nursing Student Emergency Fund and The Nursing Student Opportunity Fund. These funds promise to aid nontraditional students in online nursing programs to navigate the financial obstacles that could potentially disrupt their educational goals.

Support Adult Learners Nursing Their Ambition

Adult learners 25 years and older frequently face unique challenges as they balance work, family and school. The funds provide timely and crucial support, ranging from assistance with unexpected child care costs to unanticipated transportation expenses. By offering short-term financial relief, the funds ensure that students remain focused on their academic objectives rather than the stress of unforeseen financial burdens.

Ensure Academic Success Despite Financial Stress

Financial stress is a significant barrier to completing a degree for many individuals. These funds also provide vital resources that help students overcome unforeseen hardships. This support is crucial, considering that online students, including those in the Accelerated Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UM-Flint, are eligible for financial aid but still may encounter difficulties that grants and loans do not cover.

Empower Tomorrow's Caregivers by Supporting Mature Nursing Scholars

Maintaining the same rigorous standards as traditional in-person programs, UM-Flint's online courses challenge students to develop strong skills and expertise in the nursing field. 


Jenna Isham, a BSN to DNP student from Hudsonville, believes in the importance of these funds. "Last year, an invitation to the student policy summit in Washington, D.C. offered me a chance to collaborate with fellow students and legislators to delve into why educational policy is crucial for student advancement," she said. "It was a profound experience that shaped my education and career path. Reflecting on this, I firmly believe in the immense value of initiatives like the Opportunity and Emergency Fund.

"Such funds are vital; they empower adult learners returning to nursing, providing the necessary support for attending pivotal events and embracing opportunities that can alter career trajectories. Our collective contributions to these funds can be life-changing, creating educational and professional growth possibilities that many students might not otherwise have."

Supporters like Isham reflect the life-changing opportunities online degrees can provide learners. UM-Flint is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring that its graduates emerge with a degree that meets rigorous educational standards. Contributions to the funds provide more than just financial aid; they represent a deep investment in the future of health care. With every donation, benefactors contribute to nurturing a skilled and dedicated nursing workforce prepared to meet the demands of modern health care challenges.

Through the investment of alumni, community members and health care professionals, these funds ensure the persistence and resilience of nursing students at UM-Flint. As the demand for online education grows, so does the importance of reliable and adaptive support systems like those championed this Giving Blueday.

If you would like to support the Nursing Student Emergency or Opportunity Funds, please visit the links below: 

Cynthia McCurren, SON dean, will match up to $2,000 in donations to both funds.

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of students working tirelessly toward their degrees in the field of nursing.

Austin is a communications specialist with the School of Nursing. He can be reached at [email protected].