Flint Community Engaged Research Program enables community, student connection

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An aerial view of Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint Office of Research has launched an innovative, collaborative new research program. The Flint Community Engaged Research Program (FCERP) enables local nonprofit community organizations to hire students to help with community research projects at $15 an hour up to $1000 per research cycle.

This program allows students to become change-makers in the community, gain real-world experience, and learn about the city's robust nonprofit and community-engaged research landscape. Projects could include helping with archival data, expanding social media outreach, web development, program evaluation, and many more.

I am extremely excited about the launch of this program. It gives our talented and capable students the perfect opportunity to create and, ultimately, sustain important relationships with the surrounding community.

Andre Louis, Program Manager in UM-Flint's Office of Research

Community partners with research projects addressing issues such as public health, youth development, environmental justice, food insecurity, and more are encouraged to submit proposals, and they will show up on the InfoReady portal for undergraduate students to choose from and apply. Project cycles will follow the academic year with the following approximate deadlines, but students should keep an eye on the InfoReady portal as new applications may come in at other times as well:

Left side of image has two boxes. First box - Community Partner Applications: Fall last Friday in August, Winter: Last Friday in December, Spring/Summer: Last Friday in April. Second box - Student Application Cycles, Fall: Last Friday in September, Winter: last Friday in January, Spring/Summer: last Friday in May. Arrows direct from top box down and then up to top right text "Choose a research project with impact." Bottom right has a few clipart examples of data, strategy, and environmental type.
FCERP projects follow the academic calendar.

         The Flint Community Engaged Research Program page has a tutorial guiding students through the application process.

         FCERP is a great opportunity for students and faculty to establish and nurture collaborative relationships within the community and see an actual impact from creative endeavors. Look for project proposal postings in late July to early August for this first cycle of the program.

         Interested students with questions can reach out to Andre Louis, Office of Research Program Manager, at [email protected]

Rob McCullough is the communications specialist for the College of Innovation & Technology. He can be reached at [email protected].