The best moments from UM-Flint24

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A collage of photos from UM-Flint24 submissions

Each year, UM-Flint24 allows the University of Michigan-Flint community to document 24 hours of their lived experiences. Whether working on campus or studying at home, the submissions always highlight the diversity and flexibility of our campus and the people that make it great. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni used the hashtag #UMFlint on Instagram and Twitter to submit their photos, which are cataloged on

This UM-Flint24 was special for a few reasons. It took place on September 23, 2021, the 65th anniversary of UM-Flint's founding; we shared historical photos to mark the occasion and you'll see some below. It also records university life after returning to campus during COVID-19. You'll see masks while people stay safe on campus, but you'll also see the joy and connection of being together at the university we love.

Here are just a few highlights of this historic day.

The Dogs

Our furry friends have become constant companions as many of us spend more time at home. They keep us company while working and studying, and wait patiently for our return from campus.

A dog licking their owner wearing a Michigan hoodie.
Kelly's dog Athena supports her as she works to complete a Health Care Administration major.
Two labrador retrievers in an instagram post.
Do you think these Labs could retrieve a mid-work snack?

The Anniversary

It's been 65 years since UM-Flint was founded in 1956. We were called Flint Senior College back then, and offered two-year programs that allowed students to complete their bachelor's degree after studying at the junior college level. A lot has changed since the 50's, as UM-Flint now offers certificates and bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Cake, anyone?

We also shared a story that documents UM-Flint history through archival images. Click here to see the beginnings and evolution of campus.

The People

UM-Flint boasts beautiful buildings and cutting-edge equipment, but the heart and soul of this institution are the people that live, learn, and work here.

A group of students wearing masks posing for the camera.
Center for Gender and Sexuality peer educators in their weekly meeting.
occupational therapy students working with adaptive eating equipment.
Doctor of Occupational Therapy students preparing to make a difference.
rolled up pants displaying dress socks with sailboats on them.
Dayne knew it would be a rainy day, so he wore his sailboat socks.
a woman sitting with a textbook
Being a mom doesn't stop you from earning an MBA.

There's So Much More

We can't include every submission here, so be sure to visit to see the full collection of memories from UM-Flint24.

While you're scrolling, it's important to remember that there's behind the day than fuzzy dogs and fun socks. UM-Flint24 gives us the opportunity to capture a pivotal moment on campus and in the lives of our stakeholders. According to archivist Colleen Marquis, initiatives such as this create opportunities for everyone to create history.

"For too long history was thought of as driven by important people – politicians, leaders, and the wealthy – but in recent years, historical scholarship has shifted to recognize that the tapestry of human experience is what drives history. We've looked back at the lives of peasants, serfs, and everyday people," Marquis says. "Now is the time to move forward in history so to speak, by writing it ourselves, by leaving our mark. History and community memory have been divorced from one another for too long. Your experience, every experience, is meaningful and important in understanding humanity."

Logan McGrady is the marketing & digital communication manager for the Office of Marketing and Communication.