UM-Flint celebrates and honors staff for their contributions

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Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel
Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel has contributed to UM-Flint for forty-five years and counting within Facilities and Operations. (Photo by UM-Flint)

Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel has contributed to UM-Flint for forty-five years and counting within Facilities and Operations.

Butterfield-Halbedel started in the stock room, transferred to grounds, and has worked in maintenance the past fifteen years, according to Tim Barden, assistant director of Facilities and Operations.

He is currently a Maintenance Mechanic II. Regardless of the job title, Butterfield-Halbedel has many consistent qualities, said Tim Barden, describing him as empathetic, dependable, and a leader.

"Dennis has a passion for working at UM-Flint at the highest level," Barden said.

Butterfield's commitment to the university is representative of the staff qualities shown by so many at UM-Flint. The university is honoring staff members for their contributions.

Honoring 45 Years of Service

  • Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel, Maintenance Mechanic II, Facilities and Operations

Honoring 40 Years of Service

  • Gary Parr, Associate Director of Recreational Services, Recreation Center
  • Rebecca Waller, Administrative Specialist, Library

Honoring 30 Years of Service

  • George Slackta, Motor Vehicle Operator, Facilities and Operations
  • John Vamossy, Custodian III, Facilities and Operations
  • Marcell McGregory, Carpenter, Facilities and Operations

Honoring 20 Years of Service

  • Rhonda Broadworth, Administrative Assistant Intermediate, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Heather Bromley, Executive Sergeant, Public Safety
  • Chris Clolinger, Assistant Director for Facilities Management, Recreation Center and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Mary Horgan, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • Mark Smith, Police Officer, Public Safety
  • Erik Taipalus, Project Intermediate Manager, ITS

Honoring 10 Years of Service

  • Cleatus Henderson, Applications Programmer Senior, ITS
  • Angela Lawrence, Business Administrator Associate, ITS
  • Thomas Nyongesa, Data Security Analyst Associate, ITS
  • Leane Pierce, Custodian III, Facilities and Operations
  • Phillip Smith, Police Lieutenant, Public Safety
  • Todd Womack, Academic Advisor/Counselor and Adjunct Lecturer, Social Work

Honoring Retirees

The university is also celebrating the careers of staff retirees.

"We are proud to recognize the faculty and staff who retired from the University of Michigan-Flint this past fiscal year, said UM-Flint HR director Beth Manning. The list below represents the staff who were willing to let us share the news of their retirement. We thank all retirees for their years of dedication and service to our students and the entire campus community." 

  • Michael DeKold, Facilities & Operations
  • Ellen Buchholz, College of Health Sciences
  • Mary Mandeville, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Shirley Moran, Procurement & Contracts
  • Deborah White, Office of the Associate Provost & Dean of Graduate Programs
  • Louanne Snyder, Financial Aid

Sterling Staff Award recipients

In addition, the following received the Sterling Staff Award for "making a difference" and "going the extra distance in their work."

  • Nicole Altheide, Psychology/CAS
  • Peg Ash, Financial Services and Budget
  • Audrey Beauchesne, College of Arts & Sciences  
  • Joe Bohland, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Helen Budd, Student Veterans Resource Center
  • Matthew Bueby, University Advancement
  • Brenda Cameron, Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Marcia Campbell, School of Nursing
  • Sandy Campbell, Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Tynesia Davis, Mpowering My Success
  • Vicky Dawson, The Marian E. Wright Writing Center
  • Chris DeEulis, Student Involvement and Leadership
  • Sarah Devitt, Center for Gender and Sexuality
  • Jeff Dobbs, Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics
  • Aviva Dorfman, Early Childhood Education
  • Andrea Eveslage, University Communications & Marketing
  • Maris Gilles, School of Nursing
  • Craig Gomolka, School of Management
  • Carol Hall, School of Nursing
  • Tamela Harris, Printing Services
  • Brenda Harrison, School of Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Sarah Hubbs, Flint Campus Mail Room
  • Stephanie Kile, Office of the Registrar
  • Erin Kingsley, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Sheila Konieczny, Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Theresa Landis, Recreation Center
  • Diane Lapp, Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Dominika Lazarska, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Andre Louis, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Tonja Lucas, Human Resources
  • Nate Lundt, Event and Building Services
  • Bob Mabbitt, University Communications & Marketing
  • Laura Martin, Provost's Office
  • Lois Martin, Facilities and Operations
  • Sara McDonnell Voyle, University Outreach
  • Max Montney, Financial Services and Budget
  • Ché Moya, Frances Willson Thompson Library
  • Mark Pyland, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Anna Reed, School of Management
  • Melissa Richardson, College of Health Sciences
  • Antonio Riggs, School of Management
  • Beverly Ruber, Physical Therapy
  • Patti Ruhala, College of Health Sciences (Dean's Office)
  • Peggy Sheffer, School of Nursing
  • Suzanne Shivnen, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Wyatt Short, Occupational Therapy
  • Patricia Slackta, CSEP and Math
  • Julie Snyder, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs
  • Karri Spoelstra, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Staff of ITS
  • Staff of OEL
  • Erin Strom, Graduate Programs
  • Julie Stulock, Recreation Center
  • Anna Swartz, School of Management
  • Denise Taft, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Maureen Thum, Honors Program
  • Eric Trantham, ITS
  • Leanne Vamossy, CAPS
  • Kendra Vanover, Public Health and Health Sciences

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