UM-Flint Alumnus Joins Michigan College Access Network

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Kyle Manley is one of 40 recent college graduates hired for MCAN’s new AdviseMI program.
Kyle Manley is one of 40 recent college graduates hired for MCAN’s new AdviseMI program.

A recent University of Michigan-Flint graduate is joining a new Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) program to help high school students learn how to prepare for and apply to college.

Kyle Manley, who graduated in December 2014 with a bachelor degree in psychology from UM-Flint, is one of 40 recent college graduates hired for MCAN's new AdviseMI program.

"The program seeks to help more Michigan students pursue postsecondary education by placing recent college graduates as advisers in communities across Michigan, particularly those with low college-going rates and low adult educational attainment rates," according to MCAN's announcement of AdviseMI.

A four week training session for the new advisers started July 6.

Several of the advisers are slated to visit UM-Flint campus July 24 for training, said Chris Waters, Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This group will include UM-Flint financial aid and admissions officials, and staff from the Student Success Center, she said.

Waters said the university's involvement helps contribute to the societal goal of more college access and attainment for students in underserved areas.

"I also see a benefit potentially of getting our recent graduates involved with this kind of program and training, especially those that have any intention of getting into student affairs work or advising work," she said.

Twelve universities in Michigan, including UM-Flint, are partnering with MCAN on this program, with the 40 advisers working in 50 high schools across the state.

Manley is assigned to work at Port Huron High School. He and the other advisers work with school counselors, and help students with issues such as setting educational goals, completing financial aid forms, and preparing for college admissions exams.

Manley said it will be gratifying to help students learn the ins and outs of financial aid, and applying to college. Part of the program's focus is helping potential first generation college students.

"They don't have the background or knowledge coming into it from family," Manley said.

Manley has done similar work in Flint. He was program coordinator of the Beecher Scholarship Incentive Program, and the Urban Center for Post-Secondary Access and Success, both of which are Flint area college readiness programs.

Manley celebrated UM-Flint's involvement with AdviseMI.

"It keeps true to the values of UM-Flint, of building the brightest leaders and the best leaders," he said.

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