2015 Staff Awards Recognize Decades of Dedication to UM-Flint

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Suzanne Shivnen (left) and Monique Wilhelm (right) were presented with Staff Recognition Awards by Staff Council chair Sandy Alberto (center).
Suzanne Shivnen (left) and Monique Wilhelm (right) were presented with Staff Recognition Awards by Staff Council chair Sandy Alberto (center).

The 30th annual UM-Flint Staff Recognition Dinner was held June 10 at the Flint Golf Club. Twenty-one staff members were recognized for their years of service, which totals 360 years combined.

Presenters and recipients included:

Melissa Brown, Assistant Director for University Relations (presenter)
Tricia Borcherding, Multimedia Designer – 10 year award

Jen Hogan, Executive Director for University Relations (presenter)
Bob Mabbitt , Brand and Content Strategist ­– 10 year award

Linda Moxam, Executive Director of Development & Alumni Relations (presenter)
Jill Verdier, Stewardship & Annual Giving Coordinator – 10 year award

Della Becker-Cornell, Director, Early Childhood Development Center (presenter)
Rhonda Sevick, Teacher Assistant – 10 year award

Jacob Blumner, Associate Professor of English & Interim Director, University Outreach (presenter)
Kelli Catrell, Grants & Contracts Administrator Intermediate – 10 year award

Brian DiBlassio, Associate Professor & Chair of Music (presenter)
Carol Chaney, Media Consultant – 30 year award

Bill Irwin, Associate Professor & Chair of Theatre & Dance (presenter)
Linda Letts, Administrative Assistant Intermediate – 40 year award

Tawana Parks, Program Manager (presenter)
Sonja Coleman, Secretary Intermediate – 10 year award

Vahid Lotfi, Senior Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Programs, Professor of Management Sciences (presenter)
Deb White, Distance Learning Director – 10 year award

Mary Jo Sekelsky, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (presenter)
Michelle Rosynsky, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – 10 year award

University Registrar Karen Arnould recognizes Associate Registrar Rhonda Banks for 40 years of service.
Karen Arnould recognizes Rhonda Banks for 40 years of service to UM-Flint.

Karen Arnould, University Registrar
Rhonda Banks, Associate Registrar – 40 year award

Jay Gandhi, Director, Administrative & Information Management Systems (presenter)
Debbie Samida, Assistant Director – 30 year award

Lori Vedder, Financial Aid Director (presenter)
Ruth Ann Kegebein, Account Associate ­– 10 year award

Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations Tim Barden recognizes Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel's 40 years of service to UM-Flint.
Tim Barden recognizes Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel’s 40 years of service to UM-Flint.

Tim Barden, Assistant Director, Facilities & Operation (presenter)
Dennis Butterfield-Halbedel, Maintenance Mechanic II – 40 year award

Judy Birschbach, Associate Director, Auxiliary & Recreational Services (presenter)
Gina Rose, Systems Support Specialist – 10 year award

Theresa Landis, Director of Auxiliary & Recreational Services (presenter)
Jolie McKnight, Account Intermediate – 10 year award

Beth Manning, Director Human Resources (presenter)
Tawana Branch, Human Resource Assistant Senior – 10 year award

Brenda Roth, Procurement Agent Senior (presenter)
Jennifer Long, Procurement Agent Intermediate – 10 year award

Bill Webb, Assistant Vice Chancellor (presenter)
Mike Lane, Director, Environmental Health & Safety & Emergency Preparedness – 20 year award

Chris Waters, Associate Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Art (presenter)
Fawn Skarsten, Institutional Research Director – 20 year award

Aimi Moss, Director, Student Success Center (presenter)
Jeff Dobbs, Academic Advisor/Counselor – 10 year award

Staff Recognition Awards

Sandy Alberto, Chair Staff Council (presenter)
Monique Wilhelm, Laboratory/Classroom Services Supervisor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Suzanne Shivnen, Economics and Political Science Administrative Assistant Intermediate

PHOTO: Suzanne Shivnen (left) and Monique Wilhelm (right) were presented with Staff Recognition Awards by Staff Council chair Sandy Alberto (center).

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