UM-Flint to Bring a Variety of Services to New Beecher Community Schools Partnership

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The University of Michigan-Flint and the Beecher Community Schools have entered into a unique partnership that will bring special services to Beecher students and the community.

The Board of Education gave its final approval to M-HUB at a signing ceremony held on June 20, at the  Beecher Community Schools combined High School/Middle School.

The school district is providing space at the combined middle/high school building to locate the M-HUB program. The program is designed to enrich the university, Beecher community, and surrounding area through service, education, research, and more.

M-HUB will house a wide variety of UM-Flint services:

– Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academic Advising

– Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives – Pre College Preparation Workshops, Gear Up, and Transition Planning

– Office of University Outreach – Service Learning, Engaged Research, and Place Based Education Support

– Communication and Visual Arts – Offer instruction in public speaking and establish intramural debate

– School  of Education and Human Services – Student Teacher Placements and Social Work Practicum

– Additional on-site pre-college and college level courses for university students, and Beecher students and families

M-HUB Classroom 1

By creating a user-friendly access to the University of Michigan-Flint for Beecher and surrounding Communities, the program seeks to open dialogues on important issues for both the university and community, and explore ways to address civic, economic, and environmental issues.

M-HUB Classroom 2

Perhaps the most important goal of the M-HUB partnership is supporting Beecher and UM-Flint students to fulfill career and academic aspirations for themselves and their communities by:

– Establishing an environment where both institutions are teachers and learners, and develop opportunities for individuals of both institutions to learn together.

– Equipping faculty and students, staff and members with the tools and skills to define how and what they wish to learn and help them achieve their own learning goals

The final form of M-HUB and the various program offering will be completed through extensive involvement of parents and other community representatives who will have the opportunity to shape it to fit the needs of students and the Beecher community. An advisory group will formed and regular meetings will be held to allow for continued input and updating of the program.

"This is an ambitious program that relies on the involvement of the community to be successful," said UM-Flint Provost Gerard Voland. "The university wants to build a supportive climate of mutual respect, and demonstrate a willingness to solve problems and address concerns."

M-HUB is scheduled to open its doors for the start of the school year with a public celebration in September 2012.

The Office of Marketing & Communications can be reached at [email protected].