KIVA's New Look Nears Completion

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The UM-Flint campus now has its own version of a neighborhood movie theater, thanks to a major makeover of the KIVA.

The old orange carpet is gone, and new carpet has been added along with 175 cushioned, high-back theater seats with cup holders. Students requested that at least two rows of informal, on-the-carpet seating remain for 50 to 60 people. Five wheelchair accessible spaces were also created.

A stainless steel hand grip and LED lighting has been added to the railing. Wood vinyl planking was used to cover the floor between the seating. The finishing touch will be replacing the old metal doors to the KIVA with frosted glass entry doors.

Last year, the video and audio systems were upgraded. A special Open House is being planned for September.

Work has already begun on an update for the Happenings Room. The carpet has been removed, new lighting is installed, and the walls are being prepped for the acoustical wall treatment.

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