NOOKstudy Comes to UM-Flint Bookstore

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University of Michigan-Flint students are always looking for ways to get the most out of the hours they have for studying. Now, the UM-Flint bookstore has some new help for students: NOOKstudy™ by Barnes & Noble.

NOOKstudy is a feature-rich and easy-to-use software application that allows students to store and manage the digital content for their classes–eTextbooks, class materials, personal notes, and teacher handouts–all in one place. Best of all, NOOKstudy is a free download that works on the PCs or Macs® students already own.

"NOOKstudy is so much more than just a simple e-reader application," notes bookstore manager Cherie Gray.  "It's an amazing and interactive tool that actually helps students improve their educational experience and study smarter, not harder."

Developed with extensive input from students across the country, NOOKstudy incorporates the features and tools that students said would help them get the most out of their limited study time, including:

  • The ability to create course-specific files where they can house all electronic course content including syllabi, teacher hand-outs, scanned written notes, and links to content
  • The flexibility to electronically highlight and take notes in a variety of colors for easier recall and improved organization
  • Tools that allow students to tag content for future reference  (e.g. "Share with study group," "Test prep,"  "Needs further research") making follow-up faster and easier
  • The option of having multiple eTextbooks open simultaneously to make studying more efficient
  • One-click access to complementary online reference materials and resources (e.g. Google, Wikipedia, dictionary, etc.) directly from their eTextbooks
  • And much more

Thousands of eTextbooks are accessed using NOOKstudy with more available every month. In addition to offering a wealth of new features and study tools, eTextbooks save students up to 50% over the cost of a new, printed textbook.

Students who don't want to "go digital" with their textbooks can still choose from a variety of options at the University of Michigan-Flint bookstore.

"We really are the only place that has all the formats and options students want," says Cherie. "Whether they want to shop in-store or online, want new, used, or digital textbooks, we are the only place with all these options. Plus the campus bookstore is the only source with a guarantee that we'll have the right book, for the right course, at the right time."

To learn more about NOOKstudy or to download the free application, visit the bookstore's website and click the Textbooks tab.

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