Articles written by Bob Mabbitt

  • UM-Flint is the Fastest Growing Public University in Michigan

    For three years running (2007-09), enrollment at the University of Michigan-Flint has increased by a higher percentage than any other public university in the state of Michigan. This spring, UM-Flint will see its largest-ever graduating class.

  • UM-Flint Announces New Campus Dining Service

    The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved new board rates for students who will live in the new residence hall during the 2008/2009 Academic Year. The University of Michigan-Flint also announced it is entering into an agreement with Sodexo, Inc. to provide expanded dining services on campus, and provide meal plans for students who live in the new residence hall.

  • MFUSE Feedback

    Did you go to MFUSE? Did you have fun? How was the headliner? How were the Pre-Show Acts? What should be added for 2009? What should never be done again? Would MFUSE have been better on a weekend? Friday Night? In the Fall? All ideas, comments, complaints & suggestions welcome!

    Please send your feedback on MFUSE 2008 and suggestions for MFUSE 2009 via the "Suggest A Story" section of UM-Flint News.

    add "MFUSE" to the subject line to share your experience, complaint,
    suggestion and/or crazy idea. Thanks for making MFUSE 2008 great and
    MFUSE 2009 even better!