UM-Flint's College of Health Sciences hosts accident simulation during summer camp

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A woman laying on the ground with a neck brace while the crowd gathers around her as part of an accident simulation.
The "Exploring Health Care Careers" summer camp partnered with organizations like the Genesee County Sheriff's Office and UM-Flint's Department of Public Safety to conduct an accident simulation.

The University of Michigan-Flint transformed into a bustling hub of future health care heroes, June 18-20, during the "Exploring Health Care Careers" summer camp. Local students walked in the shoes of first responders during an eye-opening accident simulation, a highlight that gave them a firsthand look at challenges and teamwork in health care.

The sounds of sirens and the sight of a staged car crash set the scene as local first responders, including UM-Flint's own Department of Public Safety and the Genesee County Sheriff's Department, guided students through simulated emergency calls. The mock chaos wasn't merely for show. The simulation served as a real learning experience, complete with wrapping wounds and rushing "patients" to awaiting ambulances. 

A camper is sitting at a desk taking prints of the textures different foods leave on paper after being dipped in glue. Among the foods are broccoli and dry pasta.
An "Exploring Health Care Careers" attendee explores occupational therapy through the use of textures made by food.

For Olivia Nelson and Betool Alouh, both 16, the camp was a revelation. Nelson said she was struck by the intricate details of each health care field, while Betool said she appreciated the intersection of health care and the compassion for others inherent in the practice, magnified by the diverse specializations that were represented. 

The hands-on camp wasn't just about emergency simulations; it also offered a view into less-discussed health care career paths. From epidemiology to social work and exercise science to health care administration, students were introduced to a variety of health sectors. Through engaging activities, laboratory tours and meaningful interactions with faculty and students, camp-goers were encouraged to find their calling amidst the vast opportunities.

Nicholas Prush, assistant professor and director of public health sciences, works with summer camp students to intubate a set of pig lungs.
Nicholas Prush, assistant professor and director of public health sciences, works with summer camp students to intubate a set of pig lungs.
Donna Fry professional headshot

"There are great careers in health care at all levels," said Donna Fry, dean of the College of Health Sciences at UM-Flint. "Careers in the health field provide employment and often high income for workers. These same careers offer rewarding experiences working with patient populations or providing administrative services to support health systems." 

As young minds connected with kindred spirits and mentors, the summer camp wasn't just a learning opportunity; it became a testament to the power of community and education.

More information regarding CHS can be found on the college's webpage.

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