UM-Flint earns a dozen top 25 state and national rankings from University HQ

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An overhead view of the William S. White Building

The University of Michigan-Flint has received 12 top 25 rankings from University HQ. This leading independent online education organization provides students with resources for researching top-ranked colleges and universities, scholarships and career information.

UHQ uses data from several sources to aggregate its rankings, including College Navigator, College Scorecard, The Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Payscale. From there, UHQ considers several factors, including cost of tuition, acceptance rate, retention rate, graduation rate (four-year, six-year and overall), graduating salary (ROI), number of programs offered, online programs offered, loan default rate, diplomas awarded, percentage of students receiving financial aid and reputation and expert opinion.

UM-Flint's top 25 rankings include:

  • Most Affordable Programs in Michigan, No. 1 (Top 2)
  • Best AACSB MBA Programs in Michigan, No. 8 (Top 10)
  • Online Bachelor's in International Business, No. 9 (Top 25)
  • Best Online Colleges in Michigan, No. 10 (Top 25)
  • Best MBA Programs in Michigan, No. 11 (Top 25)
  • Online Master's in Health Care Management, No. 14 (Top 25)
  • Best Master's College in Michigan, No. 14 (Top 25)
  • Online Bachelor's in Supply Chain Management, No. 14 (Top 25)
  • Online Bachelor's in Finance, No. 17 (Top 25)
  • Best Bachelor's College in Michigan, No. 18 (Top 25)
  • Online Bachelor's in Social Work, No. 19 (Top 25)
  • Online Master's in International Business, No. 25 (Top 25)

"Our goal is to present a fact-based picture of the colleges we rank," said Julia Griebel, UHQ marketing. "This is so we can help students make their best college decisions. Figures like admission rates can help students with reasonable expectations for admission, and retention rates can help them envision how their fellow students value the education they receive.

"Ultimately, we strive to present an objective and unbiased view of colleges so that students can set reasonable expectations, discover outstanding schools, and embark on a path toward their best lives. We apply our methodology evenly and consistently so students can trust that each ranking is meaningful."

UM-Flint also received 10 top 50 accolades, including:

  • Most Affordable Operations Management Programs, No. 9
  • Most Affordable Human Resources Management Programs, No. 15
  • Most Affordable Health Care Management Programs, No. 15
  • Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Programs, No. 16
  • Most Affordable Supply Chain Management Programs, No. 22
  • Most Affordable Health Care Administration Programs, No. 24
  • Most Affordable Public Administration Programs, No. 24
  • Most Affordable Finance Programs, No. 40
  • Most Affordable Marketing Programs, No. 46

Robb King is the director of marketing and communications at UM-Flint. He can be reached at [email protected].