Keep Up with UM-Flint Students Abroad with a Blog

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Study abroad programs have long afforded UM-Flint students rare opportunities to experience new cultures firsthand. In recent years, student participants have given those of us left stateside the opportunity to tag along on their travels via blogs, social networking platforms, and other media-sharing technologies.

The following is a list of recent study abroad trips as chronicled by UM-Flint students.


Beth LeBlanc is an Honors student majoring in Spanish and Journalism who is currently studying in overseas in Spain. Check out Beth’s great blog “Communicating Culture.”


Brandon Tuttle is a student in the Health Administration program. His international internship with Ramsay Health Care and an American Expat took him to Sydney, Australia. He chronicles his experience at The Old Man (Down Under).


In May, assistant professor of accounting Jacob Peng, Ph.D. lead a group of School of Management students on what was to be a trip to both Taiwan and Japan. However, due to the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, Peng and his students retooled their itinerary to focus more on Taiwan, and had an utterly unique and insightful adventure there. Check out how these students chronicled their visit.

Jeylen Etefia: “Adventures in Taiwan

Dion Boose: “Co@st to Co@st

Pat Harrold: “7,535+ Miles Club

Ed Joss: “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Dianne Martin: “Taiwan Blog

Joshua Morningstar: “Taiwan Study Abroad

Sean O’Morrow: “Here and There

Gannon O’Reilly: “Taiwan Study Abroad Trip

Arieanna Potter: “My Amazing Trip


Every year, UM-Flint Theatre and Dance students travel to London, England to emerse themselves in Shakespearean traditions and the marvels of modern Britain. Here are some of their blogs.

Shelby Newport: “Classy Beetle Travels Abroad

Ashlea Friddell: “Keep Calm Drink Tea

Kayla Cornell: “Kayla in England

Cat Boss: “Lost, but Looking

Compilation Blog: “Theatre, Fashion & Architecture in London 2011

If you kept a blog on a UM-Flint Study Abroad trip, please email University Relations at and we’ll add it here!

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