Michigan's Economic Future…and a Look Back

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Why did Michigan's economy dip so far down, and why is it taking so long to come back? Those are just some of the questions that Michigan State University Professor Charles Ballard will explore during a special presentation open to the Flint community at the University of Michigan-Flint on Tuesday, October 19 in the Ballroom of Northbank Center.

Ballard, an MSU professor of economics, is the author of the book Michigan's Economic Future: A New Look. The book is described as an insight into how Michigan's economy got to its current position, and prescriptions for a better future. Ballard offers innovative solutions to the current economic crisis. He explores the structure of Michigan's economy, including its roots in agriculture, the rise and fall of the automotive industry, and the long-term decline of manufacturing.

Among his recovery plans, Ballard proposes that investing in education to create a highly skilled workforce can help Michigan's people to compete in the rapidly evolving global economy. He will describe how changes in attitudes, policies, and political institutions can help to bring about economic recovery and growth.

Paula Nas, Lecturer in Economics, is using Ballard's appearance as part of her First Year Experience course entitled the Economic History of Michigan. Since she uses his book in the course, it will be an opportunity for the students to meet the author.

UM-Flint is joining with the Flint Journal to bring this important discussion on Michigan's Economic Future to the Flint community.

Professor Ballard's presentation begins at 5:30 p.m. Please RSVP at 810-762-3280 or pnas@umflint.edu by October 15.

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